You CAN Drink Red Wine Without a Headache

Back in 2010, I spent a long weekend with my family in California, mostly enjoying the outdoors with picnics of fruit and cheese with loads of crackers and cookies (this was in my pre-paleo days) and wine tasting at vineyards in Napa Valley.  As you can imagine, with all that gluten, sugar, and alcohol in my system, I felt like crap. I was so bloated that my clothes hardly fit, and when I finished my migraine medication (usually enough for a month) by the third day, I knew something had to change. 

One of the vineyards we visited gave a brief description of the flavors to notice in each glass. Upon drinking a full-bodied red wine, we read "Hints of Band-Aids and Smokey Lees". Hmmmm. Band-Aids?  Really? It seems this is actually a THING. I’m no connoisseur, but I do know that I don’t want my wine to taste like an adhesive bandage. As it turns out, the “Brett” in the wine (which apparently gives it that taste) may have been the trigger for one of my worst headaches of the trip. A few years later, when I finally learned about how to eat real food, cleaned up my diet and ditched the gluten, soy, refined sugars and other foods that triggered my migraines or MS symptoms, sadly red wine had to go. I never drank it again. 

Until now.

Since discovering Dry Farm Wines, I can drink red wine again. No headache, no hangover, and no Band-Aids.

What makes Dry Farm Wines different? 

Here's the short list of things that stand out to me, and how I got hooked on drinking natural wine:

1)  Dry Farm Wines is made without artificial additives. Did you know that the FDA approves 76 different additives for use in winemaking?? These include things like metals, toxic chemicals, added sugars, fish bladders, and more. Natural Wines have none of them. These wines also all come from organic, dry farms. That means no pesticides and no irrigation. Sounds good, huh? 

2)  No sugar or carbs. Some modern wines have more sugar than a liter of soda! All Dry Farm Wines have less than 1 g/L (statistically sugar-free). Sugar is a main culprit in hangovers. Testing for it is part of what makes DF wines hangover-free. In case you're wondering... NO, Dry Farm Wines are NOT approved for the 21-Day Sugar Detox (no alcohol allowed!), BUT I highly recommend having your first bottle ready as you celebrate your healthy post-detox lifestyle!

3)  Low alcohol. While this might not sound like a benefit, trust me it is. Even though alcohol content in wine has been rising on average (currently around 14%), all Dry Farm Wines have less than 12.5% alcohol. Lower alcohol wines have a more elegant taste (casual wine drinkers actually enjoy low alcohol wines more), pair better with food, and let you experience the benefits of wine (improved heart health and lower insulin response) without the adverse effects of a higher dose.

4)  Low in sulfites. I think this has been the key to my new found ability to drink red wine without headaches. While all wines contain some naturally-occurring sulfites, Dry Farm Wines (both red and white) are all lab tested to ensure levels below 75 ppm (the US standard is 350 ppm). 

5)  Curated taste. (No Band-Aids!) Some natural wines are funky. Because Dry Farm is fanatical about taste, all of their wines  are clean, clear, and delicious expressions of what natural wine should be. Interesting note: Of all the wines they taste, only about 30% pass their taste and lab testing to be good enough to make it to your glass. 

In short, natural wine from Dry Farm Wines is real wine, made from just healthy grapes and happy yeast. It's an authentic expression of nature. All natural wines are farmed organically or biodynamically, dry farmed, free of chemical sprays, free of additives, and fermented with native yeast. It's wine that is naturally grown and naturally made, and I know you're going to love it as much as I do.