Gluten-Free Energy Balls and Bars

I often get asked about how to replace the high sugar, highly processed protein bars that are all too often used as a "grab and go" source of fuel.  While there are certainly some healthier options on the shelves these days, nothing beats a homemade treat. I have put together a collection of some gluten-free protein packed snacks that you can make ahead for any time you need a quick pick me up. Not all are paleo, as a few include oats or beans, but all are gluten-free, healthy and delicious!

This is my favorite at the moment, and you CLICK HERE to get this recipe along with a full assortment of other gluten-free energy boosting snacks! I'm a sucker for anything with tahini or pumpkin, so these Pumpkin Tahini Energy Balls are right up my alley.  These are easy to make ahead and provide a quick bite of protein, fat and carbs that's great after a workout or anytime of day!