The BEST Natural Remedy for your Cold and Flu Symptoms

It seems like everyone I talk to this week is struggling with some sort of cold, flu, or some other icky ailment that is getting in the way of their daily life.  If this sounds like you (or someone you know that's keeping you up at night!), and you are ready to do whatever it takes to get rid of that awful cold, read on... 

You may have heard about apple cider vinegar being an ancient healing elixir due to it's ability to alkalize the body which can helps it to fight off viruses. Well, this note is not about your ordinary apple cider vinegar. Fire Cider takes top quality, raw apple cider vinegar and combines it with powerful organic healing and anti-inflammatory ingredients like garlic, ginger, onions, horseradish, spicy peppers, turmeric, and citrus fruit to give your body everything it needs to fight off whatever is coming it's way. 

I will warn you, Fire Cider is not for the faint at heart. It's an intense shot of hot, spicy, sour and bitter all at once... just the smell tells you it's working immediately. I take 1 TBSP combined with a cup of warm water, first thing in the morning as a preventative measure, and go for it twice a day if I feel a cold coming on. I'm telling you, if you coughed even once today, you need to try it. It works best if you get started at the first signs of a cold, but even if you're a few days in, it can shorten the duration and help you get back on your feet quick. 

If you're brave enough, try the unsweetened variety, or you can go for the original tonic which is mixed with raw elderflower honey. Whichever one you choose, 1 TBSP per day as a shot or mixed with water is all you need for a superpowered immunity boost. Even my kids will drink it when they don't want to miss another day of school or that big game (I give them a teaspoon mixed with water and extra honey). If your kids are up for the challenge, it's worth a try!



Have you tried Fire Cider? Let me know what you think!