Why I don't make New Year's Resolutions

At the end of my workout class yesterday, the instructor called out, "Have you been working on your resolutions? The year is almost over!  You know, only 9% of people keep their resolutions all year! If your resolutions have anything to do with diet and exercise, you HAVE to be that 9% and you need to STICK WITH IT!" 

I know that she had the best of intentions for motivating us, but I found that somewhat depressing. I walked away from the class wondering if anyone would take on the challenge, or would they decide to give up on their goals before they even start. I mean with those odds, why bother trying? 

Here's the thing, it's true that most people DON'T stick with their resolutions. It doesn't mean that they don't really want to create positive change in their life. Thinking about doing anything for an entire YEAR can be really overwhelming. Maybe you'll do it once or twice, but once the idea of doing it 363 more times, or perhaps FOREVER is so daunting and is honestly why most people drop their intentions after a few weeks. 

My approach is different.  My clients learn how to take things one day, one meal, one BITE at a time.  Nothing is forever, but if you can do one thing that supports your goals, just for TODAY, or just for THIS MOMENT,  we celebrate it as a success!  A string of small, positive choices is what creates lasting results. 

Think about it. What is that ONE thing you can do differently today? If it were just for today?

Start the day by writing down that ONE thing. Will you use less sugar in your coffee? Say no to the cookies at the meeting in the office? Skip the pasta at dinner and have the sauce served over vegetables instead? Walk a few times around the block?

Whatever it is, you CAN do it. TODAY. Don’t think about next week, next month or next year. Don’t worry about sticking to it, making it a habit, or doing it forever. Those expectations can only get in the way. Don’t think about a future when you worry you’ll go “off the rails”, or “get off track” or “over the edge”. Just make that one decision about that one thing. And make it a good one.

At the end of the day write it down. You accomplished your goal. Feel good about the change you made.

In the morning, repeat. You got this.

When you sign up for my next 21-Day Sugar Detox, don't think of it as a resolution, or even as a dramatic lifestyle change. Simply tell yourself that you will start. Be prepared for day one. And I'll help you take it from there.

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Photo by freestocks.org from Pexels