I followed the Keto Diet for 10 days, and here's what happened

After following a Paleo diet for the past 4 years, I've been eating relatively low-carb, but with all the buzz about the even lower-carb Ketogenic diet, I wanted to give it a try. I followed the program for about 10 days, and I learned a few interesting things about myself and my habits along the way:

1) Less carbs made me feel less hungry. I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised when I actually didn't NEED any snacks between meals, even when eating later than usual. 

2) I'm not great at tracking my food.  WOW, some of you guys are amazing at this, and I truly give you a ton of credit. It wasn't easy to track every bite of food that I ate, which is why I found it much easier to stick to a plan as written so I didn't have to count macros! That being said, I'm not exactly sure what my carb counts were each day, but I know they were far lower than usual. Before the keto challenge, I normally would eat a banana in the morning and a paleo protein bar in the afternoon - and those add up to more than an entire day's worth of carbs on a keto program!

3) I felt much more clear headed, but my workouts weren't as strong until the last few days.  This is a true testament to the fact that Keto is NOT a quick fix program. It's a lifestyle that requires a bit of effort, but when you stick with it and your body adjusts, you will see results. 

4) Last but not least, I lost 5 pounds, which brought me back to what I consider to be my "ideal" weight. It's interesting to notice what foods move the scale as I add back some additional carbs, and it's helping me to assess what foods I will keep out of my diet for good. 

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