10 Healthy Snacks for Travel: Paleo and 21DSD Snacks

Planning to travel while trying to eat healthy might sound like a one-way ticket to the danger zone, but it doesn’t have to be!  Packing smart, portable snacks will help you feel prepared and in control while you’re away from home.   

Nuts, seeds, canned fish, and dried fruit snacks are perfect for travel (if you're on the 21DSD, hold off on the Rx Bars and fruit snacks for now - but they are great for post-detox!)

Nuts, seeds, canned fish, and dried fruit snacks are perfect for travel (if you're on the 21DSD, hold off on the Rx Bars and fruit snacks for now - but they are great for post-detox!)

These first few on the list are my favorite snacks that don’t require refrigeration and are compliant with the 21-Day Sugar Detox.  Easy to take with you in a car, plane, train, even on a bicycle ride without falling into a sugar trap! 

1) Nuts and Seeds – Ok, this may seem obvious, but making a little “trail mix” of different types of nuts and seeds is a great way to get protein when on the road.  Almonds and walnuts are great, and you can make it even more interesting by including other options such as pecans, hazelnuts, brazil nuts, and raw pumpkin and sunflower seeds! 

2) Nut butter packages – Many brands now offer individual snack packs of their almond and walnut butters. As long as they have no sugar or cashews added, these are a great portable protein source.

3) Seaweed snacks are a powerhouse of nutrients and are incredibly portable. Be sure to check labels to ensure the ones you pick up are made with only olive oil (not soybean or other processed oils that can trigger inflammation). 

4) Grain free Crackers – There are so many brands out there these days that have crackers made with just a combination of seeds, onions, seasonings, and/or almond flour.  Check out products from Mary’s Gone Crackers, Healthy Habits, Raw Food Central, Go Raw, and Two Moms in the Raw, just to name a few. 

5) Parmesan cheese crisps – These are popping up everywhere, chips made from nothing but cheese! If you are on level one or two you can enjoy these dairy chips wherever you are.  Moon Cheese is another “just-cheese” snack that you can find at Starbucks. 

6) Tuna, Salmon and Sardines – Get your dose of protein and omega 3’s with some canned fish during your travels. If you’re flying, be sure to get the pouches that are made without any water, or you may not be able to carry them on board.  Check the labels for processed oils and the tops for a self-opening ring so you can leave the can opener at home.  You will also want to bring a small trash bag with you to for the empty can when you’re finished eating – especially if you’re eating in the car! 

If you're not on the 21DSD, here are my favorite post-detox, healthy, paleo travel snacks:

7) My all-time favorite snacks are Rx bars. Post detox, they are a GREAT option for your paleo lifestyle.  I am biased towards the coffee/chocolate and chocolate mint, but I have never had a flavor I didn’t like, they are all amazing!  If you would like to order them now and save $5.00 off of your first order, click here

8) I picked up something new this week – Pressed by Kind Bars.  Another easy snack choice without any added sugars – just fruits, veggies, and other good stuff.   

9) I also love the organic freeze dried fruit snacks from Nature's All Foods.  Made with nothing but organic fruit, and the kids love them too! 

10) Bare Snacks fruit snacks are another travel friendly kid favorite. Just fruit, no added sugar or other junk!

I shop for these snacks at DeCicco & Sons, Whole Foods Market, or online at Amazon or Thrive Market

What are your favorite healthy travel snacks? New products are hitting the shelves all the time, so if you’ve found something you love please let me know!