I'm guessing that by now you've heard plenty of hype about how sugar is "poison" and all the reasons that it's harmful to your health. The truth is, that whether or not you consider yourself addicted to the sweet stuff, there are several reasons that you will benefit by going without it for a while.  The most obvious reason of course, is to reduce cravings! Yes, by avoiding all sugars for a period of time (such as during the 21-Day Sugar Detox), you will dramatically reduce your sweet tooth, making it much easier to maintain a healthier lifestyle for the long run.  Need a few more reasons? Read on...

1. You'll have more energy.  When you consume processed sugars (present in about 80% of the products in the supermarket these days), your blood sugar skyrockets, giving you that "sugar rush" , yet setting yourself up for the crash that follows. Unfortunately, this constant cycle of blood sugar ups and downs leaves you feeling exhausted, moody, and even depressed.

I was feeling extremely lethargic, especially in the afternoons. [During the 21-Day Sugar Detox], I immediately felt increased energy. After about 2 days in, I noticed that I was no longer sluggish and my focus improved tremendously.
— Stefanie, 21DSD participant

2. Lose weight.  When you give up processed junk foods that are filling your body with "empty calories", you will replace them with more nutrient dense foods such as protein, healthy fats, and carbohydrate rich vegetables. Although the 21-Day Sugar Detox is not a weight-loss program, balancing your blood sugar is the key to losing weight and excess belly fat. 

By removing processed foods and breaking the sugar craving cycle, I lost weight and inches and improved energy. But most important, by breaking the cycle I could see more clearly when confronted with food options, and often make better choices.
— Beth, 21DSD participant

3. Reduce inflammation in your body.  For many people, consuming refined sugars such as corn syrup, table sugar (made from beet sugar), or cane sugar can trigger a state of inflammation in the body.  This inflammation can lead to a host of health issues including digestive distress, heart disease, autoimmune disease symptoms, migraines, joint pain, and more.  

This program helped me to experience fewer migraines due to eating less gluten and sugar. The most significant change I’ve noticed is being more mindful of what I put in my body and how my eating habits directly affect my physical well being
— Rachel, 21DSD participant

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Not sure you can stick with it? The best part about the 21-Day Sugar Detox is that you won't feel deprived! You'll be eating a nutrient rich diet of REAL FOOD. No, shakes, pills, or gimmicks.  There are three levels with modifications so just about anyone can complete this program. PLUS, with the daily motivation of your 21-DSD Certified Coach and others that are going through the program right along with you, you'll receive all the knowledge and support that you need to succeed!  

The 21-Day Sugar Detox changed the way I eat and think about food, and dramatically improved my health.  I am looking forward to joining you along your own journey!